His name is Dan Dickerson....
and he has a Harp Condition. 

Dan grew up playing music. He formed his first band, Magic Company, at the age of 11.  As a teenager, he was introduced to the Marx Brothers, and that is where the Harp Condition began. In the movie Duck Soup, Harpo Marx took apart a piano and began to play it like a harp. It was game on. Dan began asking and looking around to find an old piano to which he could do the same. Sandy Dickerson, Dan's mom, caught wind of this idea and, being a naturally crafty lady and having a knack for working with wood, decided she would make him a harp. She ordered a kit from Music Makers and, in no time, the harp was in Dan's hands.

Dan played the harp and guitar in numerous bands through the 90's and early 2000's. It wasn't long until looping technology became readily available and he was able to get his hands on one. One loop became two, two loops invited along a HandSonic, a kazoo, electric and acoustic guitars, organic percussion instruments, keys, and, most recently, a mandolin (a.k.a. the Dandolin). They have all blended together to become what we know as The Harp Condition.

Over the past few years,  the condition has worsened. Dan can be seen around the Midwest playing original tunes along with his own renditions of classic rock, Grateful Dead, Stevie Wonder, Keller Williams, Phish and reggae tunes. You can catch Dan at local music venues, regional festivals and, if you're lucky, he may even be playing out of the back of a psychedelic solar-powered short bus!

If you are seeking treatment for your Harp Condition or if you would like more information on how to obtain a condition of your own, please check tour dates or contact us via email.

Peace, Love, and Intergalactic-Space-Harpiness...